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Book One, A Stranger In The Woods Novels

When your world is coming to an end, maybe you can sense it. At least I could. We were doomed but the thought that we were doomed together, brought me comfort.

“Please forgive me,” he said as he leaned his mouth to my neck . . . and bit me.

 My body jolted. His arms tightened. Before I could feel the sting of his betrayal, I felt a slight burn while something was being pushed into my vein . . .

 I realized his words were true. He would never leave me to fight on my own. And he didn’t. He stayed and fought . . . for my life. 

What if you knew you had just met the other part of your soul–the one who can take away all the pain and loneliness but no one believes you because the rugged stranger from the woods is nowhere to be found? Would you search for him? Would you be strong enough to continue to believe that he exist somewhere out in the darkness where he found you? And if you were to finally find the stranger from the woods and learn he is like no other tale that has ever been told . . . would you still have the courage to love him?

Rose has no time for romance because her father has passed away from an illness plaguing the small town she grew up in, and now her mother has also contracted the illness leaving Rose’s two younger siblings to be her responsibility. But when her best friend Gunner forces her to be young for a night and celebrate her twentieth birthday with a bomb fire and friends, Rose meets a stranger who lives in the woods, and Rose soon learns he is no stranger at all. In fact, this warrior, magical being is trying to keep her . . . alive.

Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows to cast no more.”  

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Here's what readers are saying about Rain

I could feel the connection between these two characters and was hooked! Not only does the book have mystery, adventure and romance, it is hilarious too! The banter between the characters alone makes the book worth reading. I really couldn’t put this book down and told all my friends about what a unique concept this was. Who knew ….. could be so hot?!

Jessica DiGiorgio - Reader


An exciting and suspenseful tale of tragedy and love, of strength and endurance that keeps you guessing and intrigued for hours with its heartfelt and magical journey.

Pamela Austin - Reader


This is an epic love story that includes love, fantasy, and a terrific fight for the longevity of the human race. A riveting read that I highly recommend.

Christi Milan - Reader


I could feel the emotions pouring out of the pages as I consumed this book.  India Adams pulls you in and won't let you put it down!

Nicole Kelly - Reader